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Ateliers - Workshops

Monday, November 19th - 2 pm - 5.40 pm, Main Hall, Minatec Centre
The Workshops will be held simultaneously

XVR (VRMEdia, Italy)

XVR is a development framework for complex VR application. It was used at PERCRO in the past 9 years for a variety of projects dealing with real-time graphics and interaction, and it is continuously updated to accommodate always-evolving programming needs. Thanks to its ease of use and flexibility XVR is today used by several research institution around the world offering a wide range of useful and practical functionality to control the many aspects linked to VR programming, including real-time graphics, sound, interaction, cluster rendering (CAVE), and support to the most common VR devices (trackers, displays, haptics and interaction devices).

XVR fundamental design goal is simplicity of use: every new programming construct need to be simple, flexible and effective. This strict design philosophy made XVR a platform able to accommodate both the novices needs as well as "professional" programming.


EyesWeb (InfoMus Lab - DIST - UNIGE, Genoa, Italy)

The EyesWeb open platform has been originally conceived for supporting research on multimodal expressive interfaces and multimedia interactive systems. EyesWeb has also been widely employed for designing and developing real-time dance, music, and multimedia applications. It supports the user in experimenting computational models of non-verbal expressive communication and in mapping gestures from different modalities (e.g., human full-body movement, music) onto multimedia output (e.g., sound, music, visual media). It allows fast development and experiment cycles of interactive performance set-ups by including a visual programming language allowing mapping, at different levels, of movement and audio into integrated music, visual, and mobile scenery.

Logo EyesWeb


EyesWeb has been designed with a special focus on the analysis and processing of expressive gesture in movement, midi, audio, and music signals. It was the basic platform of the EU-IST Project MEGA and it has been employed in many artistic performances and interactive installations. However, use of EyesWeb is not limited to performing arts. Museum installations, entertainment, edutainment, therapy and rehabilitation are just some of a wide number of different application domains that can benefit of using it. For example, EyesWeb has been adopted as standard in other EU IST projects such as MEDIATE and CARE HERE in the therapy and rehabilitation field, and EU TMR MOSART. In the EU Sixth Framework Program it has been adopted as standard in the IST TAI-CHI project and it is employed in the HUMAINE and ENACTIVE Networks of Excellence. EyesWeb users include universities, public and private research centers, companies, and private users.

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