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Welcome to Grenoble


A place for science

Surrounded by splendid mountains, Grenoble is one of the biggest place in France for Education, Research and Technology. 15000 researchers work here in more than 200 laboratories:
  • 11000 in public institutions.
  • 4000 in private institutions.
Grenoble also offers leading-edge European facilities:
  • the Laue-Langevin Institute:
  • Neutron science and technology, the most intense neutron source on Earth.

  • the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility:
  • Extremely energetic beams of light produced by a high-performance storage ring to study materials.

  • the brand new MINATEC Center:
  • Centre for innovation and expertise in micro and nanotechnology.
Grenoble accommodates more than 60000 students per year in:
  • 4 universities
  • 18 engineer course options
  • 1 IUFM (teachers training)
  • 1 National Architecture School
  • 1 National Art School
  • 1 National Music Conservatory
  • 1 Management School

A place for Art

Grenoble is known for its avant-garde role in Contemporary Arts and Culture:
  • The Museum of Grenoble was the first in France to start collections in Contemporary Arts after World War I.

  • The first National “Maison de la Culture” was created in Grenoble in 1945, to host contemporary creation in Theater and Music.
Today, you can find in Grenoble:
  • 33 theatres and arts centres
  • 100 cinemas
  • 65 libraries and media libraries
  • 83 museums, archaeological sites and castles open to the public
  • 75 music schools, 1 conservatory
  • 1 Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture Centre

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