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Shine - Ludger Brümmer

Wednesday, November 21st, Maison de la Culture - MC2:

"Shine" explores the parallel use of visual and acoustic objects realised with the modelling environments GENESIS and MIMESIS. The project's heart concerns the relation between physical models for sound creation and physical models for creation of visual motion. Complex interactions, such as interaction of a wire and a pendulum, realise an acoustic repetition. Interactions of the acoustic model can be visualised and synchronised with sound. But since it's a graphical object, its representation can be processed and modified. Consequently, it is possible to work with modelling software to give a representation, a modelling of some gestures, but it is also possible to use, in combination and/or in counterpoint, some post-production tools.  

The acoustic and visual perception in the domain of artistic creation is the principal topic of "Shine".  The creation process of this work can be summarized in the next way: some first objects-prototypes were created to generate musical phrases, appropriate for the musical part.  Music was then composed according to a first version. Some variations or transformation (translation) of physical visual objects were then created and recorded on the video, some interaction modes between acoustic and visual objects were realised as a kernel for the composition of sound and image. At the end of this step, the musical composition is taken back and finalised. This composition is used as a guide for the creation of the visual part. Some objects "of real life" are also included in the video result. A dancer creates movements, like waves, which are recorded and reflect the physical models used for the piece.


Ludger Brummer attended psychological and sociologic studies (1983) and composition studies, form 1983 till 1989, with Nicolas A Huber (instrumental) and Dirk Reith (electro- acoustic) at Folkwang Hochschule, in Germany. He had collaboration with the choreographer Susanne Linke for the choreography Ruhrort. He worked on ballet music for the Nederlands Dans Theater  with his orchestral work "Riti Contour". He cooperated with Christian Moeller in occasion of Multimedia Expositions at Tokyos Spiral Hall. He also worked with the videomaker  Silke Braemer for "Lizard Point". In 1994, he obtained the Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica. He won, in 1997, the Price of Concours International de musique électroacoustique of Bourges. Ludger Brummer currently teaches at Institue for Computermusik and Electronic Media, at Folkwang Hochschule and he is a resident composer at Zentrum fur Kunst und Medietechnologie (ZKM).

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