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sensorLAB.mov - Skalen group

Wednesday, November 21st, Maison de la Culture - MC2:

Based on the utilization of sound and image technologies linked with body motions, "sersorLAB.mov" is a scenic production project that uses a  process wich modifies sound and light according to motion, thanks to sensors. From these interactions, where each part acts in a complementary way with the others, rises a form where dance, music, video and light draw a free score, linked with the sound universe in which the body is immerged. Improvisation is the mode of apprenhension of the system wich feeds and allows the development of new kind of writing. This workspace, linked with research and experimentation, opens multiple perspectives on relationships with sound and visual choregraphic writings.

This principle involves the relationship between two persons, the musician and the dancer, thanks to the interactive processing environment Pure Data, which enables the dancer to create sounds or images through sensors attached to different parts of his body. Therefore, the dancer becomes one of the performers of the sound and visual creation, by acting on the elements of the scenic environment. The musician produces the sound material which feeds the dancer's performance and converses with him. As an "improvisation-driven" instrument, the sound seeks spaces of freedom in small musical cells. The visual apparatus project on a mobile screen the echoes of a filmed image processed by dynamic filters (patch). In constant evolution, the whole installation explores situations by acting on light components, the interaction and the processing distributing medias on the different components of the show.


Ivan Chabanaud is in charge of the Pure Data system, of sounds and lights. He's the director of CHABALAB, association dedicated to digital arts which regroups artists, researchers, citizens interested in the developpement and the utilization of technologies in live shows. The goal of this association is the research, the developpement and the production of "real-time" applications for artistic and cultural projects, for plastic installations, Internet, as well as the creation and the diffusion of digital arts in Marseille.

Juan Fabrer is  the director of La stassos, association involved in the integration of new knowledge and technologies coming from Cognitive Sciences in relationshi with contemporary art forms. "We think that at the heart of this processis the philosophy of interactive art".

Jean-Marc Montera is a musician. He's a co-founder of the Groupe de Recherche et d'Improvisation Musicales (GRIM). In 1999, he associated with the author and director Hubert Colas to create "Montévidéo". Among the most active ones in the field of improvisated music, he multiplies meetings and contacts with other artistic universes until the point when the boundaries among all artistic genres becomes blurry. Opened to all kinds of meetings that can foster the interference among different ways of expression, his musical approach is at the borders of sound culture.

Michèle Ricozzi is a dancer. She founded the Skalen group in 1999. This group valorizes the engagement of every artist by the acknowledgment of their status of author/performer in the creation process. Mich¸le Ricozzi attended Peter Gross' class in Paris. She also attended an educational courses and movement analysis courses with Hubert Godard, at IFEDEM. She worked with the  Urban Sax group, Corinne Lanselle & Faizal Zéghoudi Company and Pascale Montrouge Company. Since 1997, she pursues in Marseille a research and experimentation work oriented in human and artistic meetings marking her path. She taught untill 1999 at Studios du Cours in Marseille within the framework of State diploma formation.

Fabien Almakiewicz is a dancer and a plastic artist. In 2000 he graduated from the Beaux-Arts School in Marseille. In 2001, he studied dance at EDDC in Ahmeme (Netherlands), and in 2002 he became dancer of Corps>Capital(e) Company of Christophe Haleb. Since 2004, he's a dance performer and plastic artist. He is co-director of Serge Ricci's Company projects in Paris.

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