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Symposium : Enaction_in_Arts

Wednesday, November 21st - Lecture Room, Minatec Centre

Plenary Sessions Presentations
Panel Discussion List of Posters

Plenary Sessions

Speakers of international notoriety in the domain of Arts and Digital Technologies - artists, researchers, professors - have beed invited to discuss the concept of Enaction through presentations and talks focused on artistic approaches.
A part of the talks introduced concepts, recent technologies and tools related to Enaction in Arts, while the others illustrated Enaction through the presentation of artworks selected for the event by the artists themselves.

Invited Speaker :

Rosalyn Driscoll

Visual/Haptic artist, USA

Rosalyn Driscoll is Sculptor, painter, papermaker, writer and educator who has made for the last fifteen years made sculptures which may be touched as well as seen. Her deep exploration of aesthetic touch takes the form of making and exhibiting tactile sculptures, gathering viewer reactions, following research in tactile/haptic perception, working with scientists, engineers, artists and people with disabilities, lecturing and teaching workshops, and writing a book "Whole Body Seeing: Touch in the Visual Arts".    

Other Speakers :

Title Authors
Pebble Box : “Exploring and Acting on Multiple Moving Multisensory Objects” A. Luciani
Ergotic sounds : a new way to improve Playability, Believability and presence of Virtual Musical Instruments A. Luciani, JL. Florens, D. Couroussé, C. Cadoz
RefleCT/Xion: from enaction to "daily" enaction Ricardo Atienza, Gabriel Bérubé, Aurore Bonnet, Damien Masson, juL McOisans
L'énaction comme éclairage d'une pédagogie des arts dynamiques Daniel Barthélemy
Musical Creation Process and Digital Technology: "the Supra-Instrumental Gesture" Claude Cadoz
The instrumental space Frédéric Curien
Response: An applied example of Computational Somatics Todd Ingalls, Jodi James, Gang Qian, Harvey Thornburg, Ellen Campana, Stjepan Rajko, Dilip Swaminatham, Jessica Mumford, Kathleya Afanador, Shankar Narayanan
At and Across: Physical and Virtual Action-based Music Juraj Kojs
Experience and Abstraction: Enaction and digital cultural practices Simon Penny
Notions of Quality; factors influencing why artists choose their media David Prytherch, Christos Giachritsis
Computer-Mediated / Interactive Performance: Moving Boundary Problem Case Study
Thomas Ciufo, David Birchfield

Panel Discussion

Complementary with the plenary sessions, the Panel Discussion proposed 4 complementary topics to foster exchanges between artists and researchers:

Enaction and interaction, introduced by Sile O'Modhrain - Lecturer in haptics and acoustic, SARC, Queen University of Belfast, Northerb Ireland

•  The process of artistic creation and digital technologies, introduced by Claude Cadoz – Director of ACROE, Grenoble, France, Research engineer of French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

Artistic performance and digital technologies, introduced by Philippe Baudelot - Semiologist, journalist et multimedia consultant, France

Gesture memory / Memorization by gesture, introduced by Hugues Vinet - Scientific director, IRCAM, Paris, France.

List of posters


Title Authors
Topophonies and score navigation in ENIGMES Rolan Cahen
Human friction, Material friction Jean Marie Georges, Isabelle Antoine, Sarah Carvallo, Juliette Cayer-Barrioz, Alain Le Bot
Lesson from Experienced Gestural Controller Users Carmine Casciato, Marcelo M. Wanderley
The Nomadic Ear ~ journeys in location aware spatial audio Nigel Helyer, Francesca Veronesi, Daniel Woo
Rubby; Two Degree-of-Freedom Interface with Haptic and Auditory Feedback Seung-Chan Kim, Seong-Yong Koo, Seungyon-Seny Lee, Dong-Soo Kwon
Reading Perception - Perceiving Literature: an Interdisciplinary Approach Andreas Lampert, Manfred Nusseck, Jürgen Wertheimer, Heinrich H. Bülthoff
Non-Conscious Control of Sound Spatialization Mark T. Marshall, Joseph Malloch, Marcelo M. Wanderley
Validating kinematic displays for the perception of musical performance Manfred Nusseck, Marcelo M. Wanderley, Erwin Schoonderwaldt
Vestis: sensory spaces of mediation Luisa Paraguai
Why do we need 5-DOF force feedback? An analysis of violin bowing. Erwin Schoonderwaldt, Stephen Sinclair, Marcelo M. Wanderley

Engagement and Immersion Research in Interactive Art Environment: exploring subjective and
physiological data based on different visual cues

Jinsil Seo
The Meditation Chamber: Enacting Autonomic Senses Chris Shaw, Diane Gromala, A. Fleming Seavy
An Attempt of Dance Sequence Composition - Blending Ballet and Contemporary Dance Asako Soga, Bin Umino
An Enactive Interface for Playing Physical Sound Synthesis Model of Bowed String Instruments Tapio Takala
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality art explained in terms of sensory-motor coordination. Michel F. van Dartel, Jan M.V. Misker, Anne M.M. Nigten, Jelle van der Ster
One World: New Artistic Strategies for Integrating Interactive 3D Computer Graphics and Physical Space Fabian Winkler, Laura Arns, David Braun
The interactive flower : The optical fiber flower controlling sound and music Kim Yong ho, Lee Seungyon-seny

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