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Monday, November 19th to Thursday, November 22nd, Grenoble

"Young creation" evening "Tuesday evening"
Digital Arts at MC2 Participation


"Young Creation" evening


All of the pieces presented in Monday 19th "Young creation" evening were designed and realized in close cooperation with researchers and artists in interdisciplinary workshops in which the concept of Enaction in new computer tools has been largely discussed and inspirative. They are all first creations specifically ordered for Enaction_in_Arts.

Kilbéric Deltroy
percussions: Pierre Olympieff
Autumn Rhythm

Yann Graindorge
Adam et Eve

Noé Guirand, in collaboration with Kevin Sillam

Francois Poyer
Aion Chryseon

Olivier Tache

Giuseppe Gavazza
Etudes pour Chordis cordi vibrat

Bruno Fabrizio Sorba


Tuesday 20th evening 


    Among the four musical pieces presented in Tuesday 20th evening, three have been created with the ACROE GENESIS computer Music tool, based on physically-based modeling and gesture metaphors. Thre of them have been created by international well-known contemporary artists and one of them (Juraj Kojs) is a first creation by a young very promising artist who have worked in close cooperation with researchers.

Thomas Ciufo & David Birchfield
Moving Boundary Problem

Juraj Kojs
At and Across

Arnaud Petit
Concertino nervoso
Percussions: Fabrice Marandola
Hans Werner Henze
Prison Song
Percussions: Fabrice Marandola

Digital Arts at MC2

In the Wednesday 21th Evening, new forms of mulimodal performances were explored by confirmed artists particularly experts in Computer Arts, Musical, Visual, Choreographic and their correlation. Ludget Bruemmer is the director of the Music Departement of ZKM at Karlsruhe. Claude Cadoz explores since several years the use of physical models for musical composition. Annie Luciani explores since several years the use of physical models for movement expression and Chimin Hsish continued her work by applied it on ccomputer choreography. Sean Fregusson is an international well-known composer particularly aware of the questions of sound spatilaisation from performances. Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjaerg is expert since several years on the use of physical modeling in musical instruments representations and playing an the dance company Skalen is an innovative company particularly forcus on performance and interactivity.

  Ludger Brümmer


Dancers: Ildolko Torok
& Zsolt Banki

  Chimin Hsieh, Sean Ferguson
& Annie Luciani


cello: Chloé Dominguez

La compagnie Skalen


Claude Cadoz


  Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjaerg



    The Stekel Hall at Music and Dance school was full (250 seats) for the two concerts on Monday 19th “Young Creation” and Tuesday 20th.

Wednesday 21st November, the Maison de la Culture Creation Hall received  about 380 - 400 persons (full room: 450 seats).

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