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Review of the Conference

Monday, November 19th to Thursday, November 22nd, Grenoble




Conference Committees


Commercial Stands

The scientific conference ENACTIVE 07 lasted from Monday, November, 19th to Thursday, November, 22nd.
The conference was organized at the Maison des Micro et Nano Technologies (MMNT) of the Minatec center, offering:

    *  a 300 place auditorium, that welcomed the oral presentation and panel.

    *  a 400 m2 conference hall, that welcomed posters, demos, video shows, commercial stands, and lunch.

In order to allow all the participants to participate to all the events (oral talks, posters, "Touch the Future" exhibition, demos at Minatec Hall), and increse the contacts events had planned sequentially. Specific sessions for posters have been planned and the posters hall was in the hall of the lunch. Specific sessions have been also planned for the exhibition "Touch the Future" at  the ENSERG Hall agremented by the coffee-tea breaks.



The conference featured 100 papers communications. Among them, 39 were presented orally, the others as posters. The oral presentations were split into two sections: plenary scientific sessions, and Enaction in Arts symposium.
-    3 keynote speakers, one per day
-    One panel discussion on Enaction in Arts
-    One workshop
-    4 commercial stands
-    demos and video show

All them are published in the Conference Proceedings. For the first time, the proceedings received an ISSN and this ISSN is also valide for the previous Enactive conferences.
ISSN 1958-5497
Nominal title : Enactive
Others titles :
- "Proceedings (International conference on enactive interfaces)"
- "Proceedings of the International conference on enactive interfaces".


Some presentations (in powerpoint or pdf) are now available :

Title                                                              Authors

Towards Tangible Enactive-Interfaces Peter Bennett - Sile O’Modhrain
Video based physical model animation Christian Jacquemin
Interaction of Evolving Artificial Creatures
Nicolas Lassabe, Hervé Luga and Yves Duthen
Can Humans Learn How to Minimize Unintended Interpersonal Coordination? L. Marin,   J. Issartel   &   M. Cadopi
On-line avatar control using prioritized
inverse kinematics
Damien Maupu
Ronan Boulic
Daniel Thalmann
Virtual reality for episodic memory Gaën Plancher, Serge Nicolas & Pascale Piolino
Is “life” computable ? John Stewart & Matteo Mossio
Functional Analysis of Haptic Devices
Damien Couroussé, Jean-Loup Florens
A Summary of Formats for Streaming and Storing Music-related Movement and Gesture Data
Alexander R. Jensenius
Nicolas Castagné
Antonio Camurri
Esteban Maestre
Joseph Malloch
Douglas McGilvray

From Actual to Virtual Action Jean Pierre Roll
(Keynote speaker)

Conference Committees

Scientific committee
Annie Luciani, INP-G (France)
Massimo Bergamasco, PERCRO (Italy)

Co-Chairs Philosophy
Charles Lenay, COSTECH (France)
Elena Pasquinelli, Inst. Nicod (France)

Co-Chairs Technology
Ronan Boulic, EPFL (Switzerland)
Chris Raymaekers, UHasselt (Belgium)

Co-Chairs Human action and perception
Benoît Bardy, UM-1 (France)
Thomas Stoffregen, HFRL (USA)

Co-Chairs Applications and uses
Carlo Alberto Avizzano, PERCRO (Italy)
Charlotte Magnusson, ULUND (Sweden)

Co-Chairs Hands-on demos and tutorials
Ian Summers, UNEXE (UK)
Teresa Gutiérrez, LABEIN (Spain)
Emilio Sanchez, CEIT (Spain)
Conference review committee

Carlo Albeberto Avizzano Ali Allaoui Benoît Bardy
Massimo Bergamasco Joan De Boeck Ronan Boulic
Claude Cadoz Antonio Camurri Sylvain Cardin
Marcello Carrozzino Nicolas Castagné Julien Castet
Parag Chahaudhuri Damien Couroussé Pierre Davy
Gunnar Declerck Didier Delignières Matthieu Evrard
Haakon Faste  Jean-Loup Florens Olivier Gapenne
Amalia De Goetzen Jean-Baptiste Guignard Teresa Gutiérrez
Chimin Hsieh Thomas Hulin Gunnar Jansson
Klaus Joehl Armen Khatchtourov A. Kontogeorgakopoulos
Charles Lenay Annie Luciani Charlotte Magnusson
Ludovic Marin Sylvain Marlière Luca Mion
Denis Mottet Manfred Nusseck Sile O'Modhrain
Renaud Ott Elenana Pasquinelli Achille Peternier
Giovanni De Poli François Poyer Sofiane Ramdani
Chris Raymaekers Emanuele Ruffaldi Emilio Sanchez
Francois Sebbah Pierre Steiner John Stewart
Thomas Stoffregen Ian Summers Olivier Tache
Franco Tecchia Hugues Vinet Marcello Wanderley


The conference attracted upon 251 persons :

    * Scientific registered participants: 132

    * Artists: 32

    * Conference invited persons: 9

    * Commercial stands presenters ans sponsors: 15

    * Organizers: 21

    * Voluntary students: 42


Among them:

    *  about 70%  (about 160 persons) were persons that are not involved in the Enactive network

    * About 80% came from Europe (Belgium, Croatia, Danmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherland, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK) and  20% for other countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Coree, Japan, USA)

Commercial stands

Four commercial stands were set up in the conference main room.

Concurrent Computer Corporation

The Concurrent Computer stand presented the latest RedHawk operating system – a Linux based system tuned for hard real time application, including multisensory simulation – on IHawk hardware computers.


The immersion stand presented a number of haptic technologies developed in the field of mobile phones.

Force dimension

The force dimension stand exhibited the two versions of the omega.x delta.x force feedback technologies.

Ergos Technologies

The stand exhibited one of the latest force feedback device in the context of a hard real time multisensory simulator, both designed at ACROE and ICA. Platform with the latest versions of the GENESIS and MIMESIS software were also demonstrated.

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