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Interactive Installations at 'La Bastille'

Monday, November 19th to Thursday, November 22nd, Grenoble

Interactives Installations at "La Bastille"

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The aim was to propose to public very new use of technology in artistic installations and tanking benefit of the presence of the artists to explain to the public not only the artistic idea but alos ot mapping with technological evolutions and models. Thus, the aim was really an Arts and Science connection in the post genuine way of an artistic project supported by a new generation of artists. A second aim is to be convincing not only to the usual public of the contemparoray arts exhibition but also large audience and public that are not necessary aware in contemporary arts, by conveying them to play and to act with their senses.

List of installations

RefleCT / Xions
Peut - etre


The exhibition Enaction_in_Arts at la Bastille attracted upon 900 persons. Among them, 20 % was conference’s participants. 40% of the others were usual of contemporary arts and most of 60% were general audience, young people and families, attracted by the link between arts and new technologies and by the originality of the works presented. The average of the visit’s time has been estimate to 40 minutes. Most of them told having appreiciated to accessibility and the attractivity of the concepts presented.

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