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Peut-être - Thierry Gianarelli & Cie l'Imparfait

November 20 - 24, Fort de la Bastille

The DIP (Dipositif d'Implication Perceptive or Perceiving Involvement Devic),  was created by Thierry Giannarelli in 2006. It is a simple device, which allows by a mechanical stimulation of the neuromuscular spindles inserted inside the muscles, to give birth to a feeling of movement in the subject's conscience. This device is used in many scientific studies to explore the role of proprioception in corporal conscience. Associated with sounds (music, poetry, etc.) and images (vidoes, photos, dance, etc.), the Perceiving Involvement Device invites us to feel how we get conscious, an embodied consciousness, of the world. By this way, we obtain a very particular tool for artistic expression, which gives to the audience the possibility to intensify in a very surprising way his feeling of living the artistic action. T. Giannarelli  called "poethic subaction" this artistic mode of expression and "subactor", the visitor who is experimenting the DIP.



Thierry Giannarelli is the choreographer of the "Compagnie l'Imparfait". Since 1991, after neurosciences studies, Thierry Giannarelli became a dancer in the Epiphane Company, choreographer Jean Masse. Since 1997, he has worked with the "Companie l'Imparfait", with which he created several artworks :  "L'Epopée de Gilgamesh" (1997), "Dire" (1998), "Comment Wang Fo fut sauvé" (1999), "Petites Journées imaginaires" et "Ulysse et les Femmes" (2000), "L'Ombilic des Limbes", "Pierrefeu" (2001). He created the Sensorial and Poethic Laboratory in 2002 with a partnership with the human neurobiology laboratory headed by Jean Pierre Roll (CNRS, Marseille, France), in which he created "Raccourcis d'Art" (2003), "La Chevelure en Feu, il tombe" (2005). He designed the projet "DIP - Revenir d'Absence", in 2006, with the support of DICREAM (Ministry of Culture, France) with which he proposed several performances and workshops in France, Russia, Marocco, Turkey in 2006 and 2007.

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