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Performances and interactive installations

Enactive/07 .... Enaction_in_Arts will feature artistic works, to be presented:

  • during three shows, at Grenoble's Consevatoire National de Region (CNR) and Maison de la Culture - MC2: 
  • at permanent exhibitions throughout the week at the Fort de la Bastille and INPG-ENSERG (Minatec Centre).

These performances and installations will cover a variety of artistic domains (Music, Visual, Multimedia and Choreographic Arts) related to Enaction, Computer Sciences, Virtual Realities, Robotics...

See the Venues section for information about the places where the artworks will be presented.

Artistic performances

Monday, November 19th - 7.30 pm - "Young creation" Evening - CNR de Grenoble, Stekel's Hall

  • Aion Chryseon - François Poyer
  • Utsikten - Olivier Tache
  • Somnambule - Noé Guirand (electronics: Kévin Sillam)
  • Adam et Eve - Yann Graindorge
  • Autumn Rhythm - Kilbéric Deltroy (percussions: Pierre Olympief)
  • Etude pour Chordis cordi vibrat - Giuseppe Gavazza
  • Corps à corps - Frédéric Curien
  • Vibrations - Bruno Fabrizio Sorba

Tuesday, November 20th - 7.30 pm - CNR de Grenoble, Stekel's Hall

  • Prison Song - H. Werner Henze (percussions: Fabrice Marandola)
  • Concertino nervoso - Arnaud Petit (percussions: Fabrice Marandola)
  • At and Across, for physical and cyber bells - Juraj Kojs
  • Machines of Loving Grace - Peter Torvik
  • Moving Boundary Problem - Thomas Ciufo & David Birchfield

Wednesday, November 21st - 7.30 pm - MC2:, Creation Hall

  • sensorLAB.mov - skalen
  • Shine - Ludger Brümmer (dancers: Ildiko Török, Zsolt Banki)
  • Miroirs - Chimin Hsieh, Sean Ferguson, Annie Luciani (cello: Chloé Dominguez)
  • Regime_S - Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg
  • Gaea - Claude Cadoz

Interactive installations

Free access - from Monday, November 19th to Saturday, November 24th

Fort de la Bastille

INPG-ENSERG, Minatec Site

Open Access Research