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Miroirs - Chimin Hsieh, Sean Ferguson, Annie Luciani

Wednesday, November 21st, Maison de la Culture - MC2:

"Miroirs" is a mixed performance for real and virtual choregraphy, electronics and cello. It mixes musical cello performance with a dance performances, a virtual choregraphy, and an interactive real time spatialisation of synthetic sounds by the cellist.

The artwork aims at exploring several "mirror" effects playing with each other :

  • mirror between virtual movements produced by simulation of virtual bodies and dance performance
  • mirror between real/virtual dances and the cellist's instrumental playing
  • mirror between the cellist's instrumental playing and the real-time control of sound spatialization
  • mirror between the voluntarily limited space of the performance of the dancer and the electronic spatialisation of the cellist's playing.


Chimin Hsieh is a choregrapher, dancer and producer of synthetic dance movements videos. He got his PhD in Art, Science and Technology from INP-G in 2007, working at ICA Laboratory in collaboration with ACROE.

Sean Ferguson, born at Fort Vermilion, a rural community from north Alberta, Canada, has lived at Montreal, since 1990. He is currently teaching composition at the Schulich Music School of McGill University, where he is also director of the Digital Composition Studios and associated director of the Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technologies Center (CIRMMT). He is, as well, a member of the art committee of the Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec.

Annie Luciani is a research ingenieur of Minist¸re de la Culture et de la Communication. She is Head of ICA laboratory that she funded in 1976 with Claude Cadoz and Jean-Loup Florens. She conceived the MIMESIS software and created many physical models for image and movement synthesis.

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