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After the huge success of ENACTIVE/07 Enaction_in_Arts event, the organisers were glad to give you the possibility to access a complete and global overview of the event.
This site has been updated, and propose to download complete material of the event :

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Enactive / 07 is an international scientific and cultural event, promoted by the European Network of Excellence ENACTIVE and organized by ACROE and the ICA Laboratory from INP-G. It will be held in Grenoble (France) on November 19-24, 2007.

Seizing the opportunity of its welcome to Grenoble, an historical place in France for innovation in Arts, the 4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces will be exceptionally extended by an intellectual and artistic event: Enaction_in_Arts.

4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces

In the continuation of previous editions (2004, Villard-de-Lans, France; 2005, Genoa, Italy; 2006, Montpellier, France), Enactive / 07 aims at promoting the concept of Enaction in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Creative researchers, innovative engineers and producers are invited to confront their last theoretical, experimental, technological and applicated advances during various talk, demo and poster sessions.
Besides the "classical" talk, poster, demo and workshop sessions, Enactive/07 will feature the special exhibition "Touch the Future", which will give to the general public the rare opportunity to access pioneering interactive experiments from research labs focusing on Enaction.


Arts and Culture is one of the main fields that are intimately linked with contemporary concepts and technologies. Enaction_in_Arts sessions aim at promoting innovative artistic creations, theories and technologies for the Future of Arts. It will be a unique meeting at the crossing point of Art - Science - Technology and will offer to researchers, engineers and artists the opportunity to discover in the same place, at the same time, cutting-edge research, technologies and artworks centered around Enaction and Enactive Systems.

Special attention will be accorded to situations allowing rich interactions between participants through Ateliers (workshops), hands-on demos and experimental open spaces. Moreover, Concerts and Exhibitions will be open to the general public.

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